Choose your Pace
Test drive your choices and decide today, tomorrow, or next week what you want. No high pressure sales tactics, senseless calls, or e-mails unless you ask us to.
Avoid Price Confusion
New prices include the most common rebates and trade-in incentives, so there is less confusion, and a more realistic price. Rebates like Military, Recent College Grad, Affiliate, Lessee, and Mailers are all discounts in addition to the posted price (unlike dealers that include those, and then raise the price claiming it is your fault).

Many "Big Box" metro stores will promise best price and practices, but then use trained tactics and management pressure to get you to accept the deal with unwanted extras and commitments. 
New Car Price Matching Program
If you match all the criteria in their NEW Ad, and we have a similar unit in stock, we will match their price. Typically we find out that once we eliminate the smoke and mirrors we are already at that price, or better.  (see Avoid Price Confusion) 

No Forced Financing
We don't offer you a lower price to finance and force you to use us, unless there is a rebate included that requires you to. Sure we would love it if you did, but we will be sure we work hard to get you an arrangement that sets you up to be able to buy from us again. (We don't over discount, and then make it up in interest rate charges).

Long-Lasting Relationships
Establishing a relationship with each of our customers is highly important to us and our main goal, sale or no sale. We want you to feel welcomed, comfortable, and valued. Our salespeople are not trained to force you into buying, or speaking to management. You leave feeling like a friend, not just another number.

We Give Back
We give back to the community: Ram Rodeo, North Pole, Family Fun Car Show, New Richmond Youth Sports, NRHS Sports, the Centre, Friends of the St. Croix Fairgrounds, local charities, events, and fundraisers are just a few of the many ways we put it back.

Community Based Website
We have pages on our site that provide information about things going on around town and neighboring communities.

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We encourage you to check out our reviews to see what great things some people have to say, and how we approach trying to fix it when things do not go as planned.  We do make an earnest attempt to please 100% of the people 100% of the time.